Damage caused by not cleaning gutters

Summer is finally here! Thinking of cleaning gutters out? Probably not! Thoughts of sunny fun-filled days running around with the children or relaxing with friends in the garden will bring a smile to your face, whilst the cold, wet winter will fade into a distant memory.

You may be cleaning the BBQ already, but not cleaning gutters can mean blocked gutters, which could cause damage to brickwork, footings, plastering and paving, as well as causing damp problems and flooding?

The damage caused by not cleaning gutters


Brickwork can become saturated and water logged as they absorb moisture. As freezing temperatures set in during winter, this may cause the bricks to expand, making them less weather-proof. The pointing may start to crack, causing structural damage.

Dampness / Damage to plastering and decoration:

For properties with no cavity walls, excess water from the gutters can get behind brickwork, causing it to become water logged. If the water absorbs right through, it will lead to dampness to plaster work of inside walls. When plasterwork gets damp it becomes loose on the walls, making it weak. Dampness on the plasterwork will cause water-based emulsion paints to flake off.


Water is unable to flow away from your property if gutters are blocked. In some cases this means water being absorbed into the ground, and into weak areas of the foundations. The consequences of this can be very serious and costly!


As with footings, if blocked gutters are not allowing water to flow away properly, water may be absorbed by the ground and can cause dampness and flooding to cellars and basements.


If you’ve noticed moss and algae on your patio, chances are it’s because the water is not draining away properly and spilling out as it comes out of the downpipes.

Cleaning gutters is not as expensive as repair costs

Repair works are inconvenient and can be very costly. So, when you’ve mowed the lawn, spruced up the flowerbeds and washed down the patio, spare a thought for your gutters and get them cleaned before it’s too late! If the very thought of it fills you with dread, fear not, we’re here to help! Our innovative cleaning gutters, gutter clearing and repair service, easyVac uses a ground level powered vacuum to provide a cost effective, hassle-free and safe gutter cleaning solution for your property.

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Cleaning gutters service by easyVac

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Cleaning gutters service by easyVac


easyVac, our innovative gutter clearing service, provides a hassle free and safe property cleaning solution. This cost effective service also covers gutter repairs.


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